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Minim Razors

Minim Eco-Razor - Rose

Minim Eco-Razor - Rose

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Experience the most comfortable and closest shave with our Minim Eco-Razor. Boasting a stainless steel body and easy to replace blades, this classic-style razor glides effortlessly over the skin, while its weight provides the perfect amount of pressure. Our Eco-Razors create a smooth shave that will leave your skin looking and feeling great every time. Every Minim Eco Razor is plastic free, making them sustainable razors for every body!

Are you new to this type of shaving? Check out our easy how to guide here.

Each Minim Eco-Razor comes with 5 double-edged blades to get you going. 

Razor Dimensions:

Razor Length: 10.5cm
Handle Width: 1cm
Blade Width: 4.3cm



Unisex - Minim Eco-Razors are perfect for every body. Its effective head angles precisely, making it ideal for all areas of the body – face, legs, underarms, and bikini.

Affordable - Our refillable and sustainable Eco-Razor provides a long-lasting, smooth shave without the need for expensive plastic cartridge refills. Enjoy an affordable and eco-friendly option with each use.

Sustainable - Say goodbye to single-use razors forever! The Minim Eco-Razor is here to give your shaving experience a sustainable upgrade. It's designed exclusively with stainless steel blades. Shave with a conscience - and with style - with our eco-friendly Minim razor!

How to use

With our quality Minim blades, we suggest always being careful and taking it slow the first few times using our Eco Razors, follow our easy step by step guide here.

Cleaning & Care

Change your Eco-Razor Blades:

It's important to make this a regular habit. Using a sharp blade will ensure the optimal shaving experience, and replacing them periodically and wiping down the parts can prevent any buildup in your Eco-Razor.

Rinse Your Eco -Razor:

After each use, be sure to thoroughly rinse your Eco Razor to prevent soap residue buildup that can cause discolouration.

Dry Your Eco-Razor:

Using a towel, dry your razor and avoid storing it in the shower. If you won't be using your Eco-Razor for an extended period of time, take apart its three pieces and dry them thoroughly before storing.


We charge a low flat rate of $6.99 for anywhere in New Zealand.

Auckland and North Island = 1-2 days after being shipped.
Everywhere else in New Zealand = 3-7 days after being shipped.

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Return policy

We are a small company and pride ourselves on delivering a great product and for happy customers to be satisfied. In the unlikely event you're unhappy with your Eco razor for any reason just let us know within 30 days of receiving it and we'll be happy to provide a full refund. You will need to post the razor back to us though!

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Enjoy 5 FREE blades on us!

When you purchase a Minim Eco-Razor, enjoy 5 FREE double edged blades to get you started!

Each premium blade lasts at least 5 shaves, when it starts to rust (this is supposed to happen) it's time to throw it out, the blade will naturally disintegrate.